VPlab Casein & Whey Protein Shake, Low Sugar (Vanilla)

Premium quality protein shake for maximizing muscle growth and recovery with minimal sugar content, in delightful vanilla flavor

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The VPlab Casein & Whey Protein Shake is an ideal supplement for athletes and bodybuilders, offering a convenient and delicious way to increase protein intake. With a low sugar content and a rich vanilla flavor, this product supports muscle recovery, promotes lean muscle growth, and enhances overall performance.

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Additional Product Details

  • Ultimate Performance: Fast absorption Whey Protein and slow absorption Casein to support muscle building and recovery
  • Balanced Day & Night Formula: VPLab Casein & Whey provides a dynamic blend of whey protein and micellar casein that works throughout workout and during the recovery phase at night
  • Scientifically Formulated: Whey protein has the highest biological value of any protein, which refers to a protein that has all the necessary essential amino acids for protein biosynthesis and is fast-acting to support amino acid replenishment required during and after strenuous activities
  • Extended Amino Acid Supply: While both whey protein and micellar casein are rich sources of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamic acid, whey protein alone provides immunoglobulins that help support the immune system, which is transiently depressed during strenuous activity
  • The Power of Bioactive Natural Casein: This revolutionary protein formula includes extended-action micellar casein that works well beyond strenuous activities to continually rebuild broken down muscle. Casein itself has antibacterial and immune benefits, reduces free radicals, promotes fat loss, stimulates muscle growth, and improves strength

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