Muscle Milk Pro Slammin' Strawberry Protein Shake, 12-Pack

Fuel Your Workout with Muscle Milk's Delicious and Nutritious Strawberry Protein Shake - Now available in a Convenient 12-Pack!

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4.71 out of 5 stars

39 reviews

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Muscle Milk Pro Slammin' Strawberry Protein Shake is a high-quality protein shake that provides essential nutrients and amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery. With a delicious strawberry flavor and convenient 12-pack packaging, it's a perfect choice for sports enthusiasts and fitness buffs.

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Additional Product Details

  • Contains twelve (12) 14 Fl Oz cartons of Muscle Milk Pro Advanced Nutrition Protein Shakes. Packaging may vary
  • Helps satisfy hunger and build muscle
  • Key features include 40g protein, 1g sugar, 16 vitamins and minerals, and a good source of fiber
  • Great tasting shake - Smooth and delicious
  • Science behind protein - Combination of slow and fast releasing proteins
  • Ideal for post-workout recovery and as a mid-day snack

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