Pictures Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Anyone who is into weight training has looked at the pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was in his bodybuilding prime and thought wow!

I still look at his pictures for training inspiration because, let’s face it, we all wish we could look like Arnold. Whenever I lack the motivation to go to the gym, a quick click through the photographs of Arnold and I am set for training.

These two are amongst my favourite pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger and I hope you like them

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Turbulence Training

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15 Responses to Pictures Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. Noel says:

    The first pic has always been a fav of mine.I think there was an issue of Muscle & Fitness that came out about 20 years ago with a nice size poster of that image.Your site was the only place I found this image,good job.He is a monster in that pic

  2. cozmo15 says:

    I actually have the issue of muscle and fitness with the poster in it. I also have other Arnold collectible magazines and books.

    He was a monster in his day you are right. People who do not train will always criticize regarding muscles, drugs,etc but they do not realise how much effort went into feeding and building that physique.

    Glad you liked it and look out as I will be adding more pics of Arnie

  3. Jim says:

    Hey cozmo, can you please tell me which muscle and fitness issue had the poster of the first pic? I surely would like to get a hold of that poster.

  4. karthik shivaji says:

    amazing difference between posts in States, and other countries in Europe, etc. Thanks you all passed my experiment, I briefly conducted this experiment on websites dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger and other strongmen, bodybuilders, that did not end in .com You all show great promise with positive attitude and behavior, compared to cynicism and jealousy in the States, keep it up don’t turn back cause whatever you all are doing is working,
    “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

  5. behrouz says:

    i love you schwarzenegger.

  6. Drew says:

    Love these pictures also ;))
    …and even more for being Black&White.
    The thing that PISSES me OFF …the media! I know we fund it etc …but it’s just how they go about their business. I’m in particularly talking about the recent pics of Arnie in his board shorts – obviously he’ll never look how he did …but I just get the horrible taste in my mouth from how the media is using them. Almost in a way that says; “look at him now …not looking so good is he”. Makes me hate these people, but I don’t know their individual names so …so guess I hate the media. Schwarenegger gave us ALL so much entertainment …can’t he(and other stars)be left to grow old gracefully?
    Either way …AWESOME pics ‘cozmo15 ‘ ;))

  7. connor mckechnie says:

    Wow i didnt realise how big he was. But they were three things that he wqas seriously good at, bodybuilding, govenor and also being an actor. schwarzenneger rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  8. terminator says:

    i love this picture of arnold , the one with shorts, it shows smaller waist because of the position, abs look great, arms, and chest best pose

  9. terminator says:

    yes the press wants to destroy ranolds reputation, not thinking that arnold is old right now, but on his prime hell yeah, they cant beat him..

    i am abig fan of arnold, is there a site that i can down load a big sizr of arnolds pictures that i can print of may tarpauline at home?

  10. teXan says:

    In that 20 year old article from Muscle & Fitness, does it talk about how Arnold compares physical structure to the boxcar that was painted on the wall at the gym? I’ve been looking for that article and I can’t find it anywhere…

  11. Jay says:

    Hi cozmo,

    Great pic that first one. A 5 foot poster of this is in the October 91 issue of Flex Mag. But i never knew it was also featured in Muscle and Fitness Mag. Can you tell me the issue of that M&F that contained the poster?


  12. big col. says:

    Arnold is a legend, l do bodybuilding myself, Arnold is my idol, the media should leave him alone, don’t forget media people, you will be all old one day….

  13. Carlos says:

    that s been the greatest of all times the 7th times Mr Olimpia, not with the triks we have now, he wolud be 30 inches arms in these times

  14. Avatar says:

    Arnie has been the greatest bodybuilder of all times and he will be, no doubt about it. He has been the inspiration of millions of ppl across the globe, his contribution to the world health is undeniable. He truly is the Terminator!!!!!!!

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