Learn How To Street Fight And Stop Getting Your Ass Kicked

Having a big load of muscles does not mean you can fight. No matter how big you are there will always be someone who has the fighting skills to bring you down. Many people have the misconception that because they workout and gain muscles, they are hard men. This is simply not true and many, including myself have learnt the hard way.

I tried karate classes many years ago but gave it up because the instructors and high ranking students were having too much fun kicking my ass! And I mean kicking. Boxing was way too much about fitness for me to stick it out because I am too lazy. I want to be able to carry on working out but also be able to handle myself on the street when I need to.

So, I started Googling for tips on self defense and fighting etc. I never realized just how much junk there is out there on the net and spent hours looking at different sites and watching hours of youtube videos. It was during this research period that I came across StreetFightingUncaged

The site is promoting a ex-forces, bodyguard guy called Jeff Anderson who is also the President of The International Society of Close Quarter Combatants. Put very simply, this guy knows how to fight and will take attackers down. The main theme of the site explains how you can learn techniques that will let you escape dangerous situations and come out on top. To get the real information and fighting techniques and moves does involve spending a bit of cash but I bought it and it was worth the money and is filled with fighting techniques and weak spots that I never even thought of.

If you want to put your hard earned muscle to proper use when needed I recommend Jeff Andersons StreetFightingUncaged as a great way to learn how to fight

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