Is Correct Form Important When Lifting Weights

Bodybuilding is not for the faint hearted or weak willed. It takes dedication, correct nutrition, motivation and a lot of hard work in the gym.

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Beginners are usually required to take an induction course before using gym equipment for the first time. This induction is to prevent injury(and lawsuits) to the person working out. Information overload is a problem even for bodybuilders. Mens magazines, fitness magazines and the internet all carry vast amounts of information regarding training, nutrition, workouts, etc. This mountain of information can cause confusion for someone new to bodybuilding and usually leads to purchases of unnecessary supplements or worse. overtraining.

If you are an experienced bodybuilder or weight lifter you will have no doubt seen the young guys in the gym trying to outdo each other with weights that are too heavy and even sillier exercises taken from mens magazines or the internet. The result is either injury or the worst form you have seen. Bad form is a common, and sometimes very entertaining, sight in most gyms. Weights are often flung, twirled and generally swung about by clueless people. This is often accompanied by grunts and shouts, for effect. A skinny guy grunting while pressing 15kg dumbbells is not a pretty sight and puts you off.

The problem is they have never been shown how to perform the exercises correctly and other bodybuilders usually find it awkward to approach someone and say, “hey, you’re doing it all wrong”. People do not like to be told they are wrong. Good form when working out with weights not only stops people from looking foolish but also helps achieve better results and avoid injuries.

If you are just starting out in bodybuilding do some research first. Join a bodybuilding forum, introduce yourself and ask some questions. You will find most people are more than willing to help you out. I have listed a few examples below:

There are many more forums out there and google is a good place to start. One of the most comprehensive sites for bodybuilding information is . The site is huge and is split into two sections one for workout information and the other for supplements and equipment (I think they ship to the UK as well). The site carries information on all aspects of training and nutrition explained with videos and articles.

When you join a gym make sure they have a qualified instructor who knows what their stuff. Get the instructor to put together a beginners workout plan for you and most importantly ask them to demonstrate the proper form for each exercise in your plan. Another great site for bodybuilders is The site has an extensive directory showing all muscle groups of the body and exercises for each muscle. The exercises are accompanied by a small animation to show the form for the exercise.

Results come quickly for beginners to bodybuilding, providing they keep a cool head, eat properly and use correct form when lifting weights.

Please note this is just my personal opinion. Please feel free to comment on this post.

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