How To Build Lean Muscle And Burn Fat In Only 7 Minutes

The combination of easy access to fast food and readymade snacks combined with a lack of knowledge regarding nutrition is increasing levels of obesity. It is simple. Too much food and too little exercise will add inches to your waistline. It really is that simple. Extra pounds accumulate slowly and you will not notice a pound here and there until suddenly you find yourself 20 pounds overweight.

Not taking regular exercise definitely contributes to increased obesity levels. We are less physically active today than ever before. Computers, game consoles, and cars all contribute to our ever widening waistlines. How many hours a day do you or your children spend using a computer, playing games or talking to friends on your mobile. I am guilty of this for sure! Calories don’t burn themselves off and inactivity will make you fat.

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Some are genetically gifted and seem able to consume anything & everything without gaining a single pound. I have a friend who says he is “lucky” to not get fat. On closer inspection it seems so obvious why he remains slim while eating well. He eats little and often , he makes the right food choices and he walks everywhere (he also has no computer to laze in front of)

Dieting is not the solution to overeating. You have to change your diet completely and make it a way of life. There is no point in you starving for two weeks, being miserable, grumpy, while secretly longing for a McDonalds quarter pounder (Sneaking off for a burger is not the answer) You may lose weight but it tends to be water or muscle mass that you lose, not body fat. As soon as you stop the diet your weight will most likely return, all too quickly! The key is to change your diet and lose fat not muscle mass. Diet and exercise combined are the most effective way to lose fat.

Changing your eating habits can start with the smallest steps. Changing to diet coke or skipping the sugar in your coffee is a start but changing main meals is the key. Eating smaller portions and making better meal choices will set you on the road to real weight loss. Eat fruit instead of cakes and biscuits and if you really must have a snack, make it something like a handful of nuts.

Reasons not to exercise are easily found, I have not got the time, I am too tired, the kids need me to help with homework. The list goes on. So what if you could achieve the lean muscle gains or weight loss results you desire without spending hours in the gym! Sounds interesting! For the ladies this could mean less unsightly fat , shapelier legs, and sexier arms.

For the men it could mean less time spent in the gym, less cash spent on masses of supplements that don’t actually work, in fact there are only 7 supplements needed to get awesome results, guaranteed!

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