Branch Warren Wins Arnold Classic 2012

Coming back from the injury to his right leg, Branch Warren looked better than ever in the line up at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. Branch posed with awesome confidence and made it look easy. You could see no weakness or size difference in the right leg at all. The man is a fantastic example of what you can achieve with dedication to bodybuilding. This is the 2nd Arnold Classic win for Branch, again pushing Dennis Wolf into the runner up position. Got to feel for Dennis getting defeated by Branch a second time.

Just in case you didn’t get the full story about the injury, Branch sustained a torn quad tendon in 2011 after slipping while climbing into his car. The leg was operated on in Texas and Branch was told he would make a 100% recovery. And what a recovery! Coming back after only 7 months to win the Arnold Classic! You can see Branch posing on the Arnold Classic stage in the video below.

Double Front Biceps

branch warren arnold classic winner 2012

branch warren on stage at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio in 2012

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