The Supplement Companies Must Hate This Guy

So I'm looking through the supplement sites and somehow ended up at this page with an article about which supplements you should take and which to avoid. I read it and feel a little ripped off having bought lots of supplements over the years. I am now learning that the only way to get real results is to eat right and train hard, and then do it all again and keep doing it. There are not many supplements that will actually give you any results other than the placebo effect.

The article gives creatine the thumbs up amongst other things like fish oils but NO Boosters like no explode get the thumbs down. The article also contains a couple of interesting and enlightening youtube clips which I think come from the film Bigger, Stronger, Faster

There is also a surprising admission about supplement before and after photos used in marketing of supplements.

Anyway take a look at the article and come back and add your comments.

You can find the supplements article at Primer Magazine

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Is Your Whey Protein Powder Poisoning You?

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Just came across this interesting post by Dr Mercola. He claims that consumer tests on 15 different types of whey protein powders and drinks have shown that they contain high levels of toxins such as lead, arsenic and cadmium. Many of you, including myself, consume protein shakes on a regular daily basis as a good source of muscle building protein. I am more than a little surprised to think that I am ingesting toxic metals without realizing it.

The worst offenders include the ready to drink EAS Myoplex Original Rich Dark Chocolate Shake and (the worst product) Muscle Milk Chocolate Powder which contained some of the highest levels of all four toxins. The report is a little biased and he is using it to his advantage by promoting Miracle Whey (his own protein product?) but it still highlights an important question, are we being poisoned by supposedly healthy products. Products that we take in good faith, believing we are following a health diet and lifestyle.

The original sources of the report are

I find it very unsettling to think my protein powder could be bad for my health, I mean the stuff is not exactly cheap is it! I for one will be choosing my protein very carefully from now on.

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Concurrent Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

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